How to tell if I need a new Roof?

We have compiled a couple tips that we encourage all homeowners to pay attention to regarding your roof and roofing shingles. Firstly we always stress the importance of not getting caught having an issue when things are to late and you have water pouring into your home. The last thing anyone wants is to be caught with an unexpected roofing bill that will severely impact your home, family as well as your wallet.

We have attached some tips and tricks that we suggest all home owners undergo on a every other year basis. One way to really identify whether your roof has an issue is to explore your attic, attics are the closest thing to the roof possible any damage to the roof this is will be the initial place to look, perhaps wet or damp insulation is a good key but also look for wet wood spots. Blistering or peeling exterior paints are also another key item to look for, chemical based paints cannot stick to wood and will start to flake off if the bonded surface conditions are not perfect.

Check for stains or mold indicators throughout the attic, if you see drip marks, or growths this is a clear indicator that you may need to call your professional roofing company for an assessment and or quotation on replacement.

In the unfortunate case that your roof looks to need repair you have options that you can pursue to have these situations rectified. In our example post we searched for our roofing professional through the yellow page’s we were able to come across a variety of different providers the contractors we found were a company that stated they were one of the best roofing Calgary companies around that they had a 10 year guarantee on workmanship which is a rarity. Most companies honor the product for at least 20 years however workmanship is a unique quality after all if the product isn’t installed properly don’t expect it to last.

Anyways our contractor came out to visit the home, confirmed we did have water seepage on our roof and that we should explore some asphalt shingles, our writers home is Calgary Alberta based that receives very harsh winter conditions but also very warm summer days, the climate is also very dry to this was the recommended product to use. Thanks for taking the time to read our article and if you have any questions or concerns please leave a comment below. Also please see some of the pictures of the roofing materials that had been compromised and the actual leakage our roof had experienced.

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